An Open Letter to Jefferson County Open Space

Dear Mr. Jefferson County Open Space and Jefferson County Commissioners: My name Is Justin Hall. I live in the heritage neighborhood in Golden. I visit Apex park weekly assuming it’s dry and mostly on my mountain bike. I’m writing with growing concerns surrounding mountain biker access to Apex, and if I’m being honest, the discrimination […]

Three weeks in New Zealand by campervan

Nearly a year ago, Kelsey and I decided we were going to celebrate, well, us! Many do this by spending a very large sum of money on a rather large party thing with many guests, boutonnieres, a fluffy white dress and various traditions. Neither of us really being the white fluffy dress type, we decided […]

Live Previews with WordPress and Gatsby

Want to hop right to the code? GitHub Repository is here. There are so many headless WordPress GitHub examples now, whether they be tutorials, GitHub repos or actual production sites. Astounding considering where the space was just a few years ago. This is, yet another example, although perhaps more comprehensive in what it includes. Previews! […]

Deploying Gatsby to Amazon S3 with Travis CI

I finally got around to moving the view layer of this website to Gatsby. In doing so, I also hooked up Continuous Integration. The stack is as follows: WordPress as API. Available at Gatsby as the view layer. Static files stored on Amazon S3. Distributed by AWS CloudFront. DNS managed at CloudFlare.  TravisCI builds […]

Headless WordPress + Gatsby + Netlify continuous deployment

Update (10/27/2019): I’ve taken what I’ve learned here and launched Static Fuse where you’ll find Gatsby Themes and more developer tools and references like this article. What is this? TL;DR WordPress as a CMS. Front end built with Gatsby. Deployment to Netlify on post publish or update. Support for staging and production environments. Why WordPress + […]

Look Ma, No JavaScript Framework OR jQuery

Yes, it’s not only possible, it’s a damn good idea and one of the best engineering decisions you can make. Always? Of course not. JavaScript frameworks make a lot of sense in a lot of situations and I quite like using them. jQuery too, has it’s place. Horses for courses. But seriously… Today’s “course” is my very own […]

WP Tel Links WordPress Plugin

Finds all telephone numbers and replaces them with click-2-call tel links. No set up required. On the web WordPress Plugin Repository GitHub Installation Upload stripe-card-reminder.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress Congrats. You are done! FAQS How does it work? The plugin loads a javascript file that parses […]

Stripe credit card expiration reminder WordPress plugin

Card Expiration Reminder for Stripe runs a customizable report and notifies Stripe subscription customers of credit cards that expire soon. Customizable date range and email settings. Notify your customers before their card is declined and have them update their payment method in ‘/my-account/’ Sick of cards getting declined expiration? Yep, me too. Happens frequently to […]

Uncaught Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: a[href*=#]

WordPress was nice enough to release “Coleman” on my birthday. That’s April 12th for those of you who don’t know my personally. Theres’ a number of under the hood and user-interface improvements but there was also a slew of library updates that cause me and likely many others a few more headaches after upgrading the […]

Strava API as WordPress Plugin

I recently had a project that involved the Strava API which was super fun as it was awesome subject matter and I especially like working with Javascript; Especially maps. Sadly I can’t link to the project due to an unfortunate NDA. I can say I learned quite a bit about the Strava API. While not as robust […]