My name is Justin Windsor Hall
I'm a Denver, CO based Web Developer

Modern WordPress Websites & Software

I'm a Senior Web Developer at SendGrid, freelancer, and plugin developer. I believe effective websites should be lightning fast, provide a great experience for the user, and elegantly project your brand without being too clever. Solving real-world problems with software is my favorite part of my job. It's not only challenging but exceedingly rewarding. I love what I do.

Offline, I live just outside of Denver, CO in Golden. I'm an avid mountain biker, skier and opinionated beer drinker. I also share a birthday with my sister.

Questions I Answer Frequently

How much do you cost?

This depends on a number of factors. Specifically but not limited to, project size, my role in the project and whether there is ongoing work to be had. As a general rule, I charge 85/hour and don't take projects under 1k.

Can you provide hosting for my website?

Yes. I have a lot of experince with WordPress Hosting and would glad to give you a piece of mind on the matter -- just ask. I provide a number of different options.

Do you only work with WordPress?

Not exclusivley. I have experince working with various PHP applications, JavaScript frameworks and NodeJS.

Design? SEO? Paid Advertising?

No. I am a Developer and It is my strong believe that one can not do many professions well. Of course, I've worked closely with people in these positions and under the principles of all three. I also write standards complaint SEO freindly code.

Can you give a fixed quote?

Providing you provide proper project specs and designs (if applicable), I can provide an estimate for your project broken out by line item.

Will you teach me how to use WordPress?

If I build something for you, I will provide you with the proper documentation on how to use it. However, I do not provide education on how to use the native functionality of WordPress.

Will you teach me how to build a website?

No but there are many, many resources out there. Some free and others not so free.

Where are you from?

I grew up just North of Boston. I left for boarding school in '96 and never moved back. I miss the seafood, Fall and Fenway Park. I don't miss the weather.

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